About Lynskey Performance

The Lynskey Family

The Lynskey Family
Standing: David, Stephanie, Tim, Mark, Chris
Seated: Toni w/ Rambo, Ruby, Theresa

Lynskey Performance Products is a family-owned and operated company with a burning desire to produce high quality, custom-made performance bikes that are functional pieces of art.

The Lynskeys grew up in the 60's with a family business specializing in custom metal fabrication and a customer base that included Olin Chemical, Kaiser Aluminum, Koehring Crane, Boeing and Lockhead Aircraft, etc., to name a few. Projects included equipment used to process chlorine, drip-free buckets used to unload Bauxite from barges, castings for huge cranes, exhaust systems for aircraft, desalination parts for chemical plants in Saudi Arabia, beverage treatment systems for Coke and Pepsi, and many more interesting jobs many of which required the use of titanium tubing. The Company became very experienced with all exotic metals.

As they grew, the boys (Mark, David, Chris, Tim) were assigned summer jobs at the family plant which allowed them to see and experience first-hand, start to finish, the many innovative, creative projects the business produced. Their passion for metals was born, their creativity was sparked and as the boys finished their education in mechanical engineering, they each came back to the family business.

David's years as a runner in high school and college had resulted in his need for reconstructive surgery on a knee. The recovery process took several months and included special braces and physical therapy. His running days were over. His physician recommended a choice of cycling and/or swimming in the final stages of

therapy. David chose cycling. He joined the local cycling club and became quite accomplished in his cycling competition. He decided his present bike was too heavy and had the idea to use scrap titanium tubing (from the plant) to design and build himself a better frame. The task began; he worked nights and weekends perfecting his geometry and engaged the help of his brother Chris to weld the final design. David rode and raced this 'new' frame and his friends began to marvel how light and responsive the frame was. They all wanted one!

Along comes a friend of a friend from California (an accomplished Triathlete) who liked the look of this Ti frame and suggested David display it in a regional bike show in southern California. He did and thus in 1986, the world's first 'Lightspeed Titanium' was introduced to the industry. Designed, fabricated, marketed, all in the USA.

The family business changed focus and production to titanium bicycle frames.

The Litespeed company grew for the following 13 years and in 1998, many investors were showing interest and making offers to purchase the Company. After many discussions and consideration, the family decided to sell. The deal was closed in June, 1999.

Mr. Bill Lynskey (the Dad) had passed in 1998. After the sale was finalized, each of the family members became involved in their chosen personal projects. However, keeping up with cycling news was still a part of their passion and interest.

A few years passed and in 2005 the sons began expressing the desire to come back together and were looking for a new and exciting adventure. After many discussions and encouragement from the Mom, it was decided to again, build titanium bicycle frames.

Their love for the sport and desire to continue using their expertise with metals, drove their decision. The family had enjoyed working with elite athletes and recreational riders and loved the challenge of building bikes that are not just individually taylored, but also high performance and suited to the owners' particular needs. The real spirit and goal of what they hoped to achieve was: "To have a bike that does exactly what you want it to do, fits you exactly they way you want it to fit, and looks exactly as your heart desires."

January 1, 2006 Lynskey Performance Products opened the door to a new and exciting challenge. Family members came on board one by one as did previous employees who had moved on to other ventures. The reception Lynskey received from the industry they loved and from old customers around the world, was overwhelming. The name, the family and their historical success building great titanium bicycle frames for customers worldwide, had not been forgotten.

The Lynskey family members all have their designated roles and have complementary skills for producing a range of custom bikes. Mark's primary roles are sales, marketing and with David, they collaborate on bike designs.

David, who conceived the idea of titanium bicycles in 1985, still oversees all operations taking place in the plant, as well as designing many special tools and equipment needed.

Chris does all the engineering drawings and is the tech called when computer programs experience problems.

Tim is involved with purchasing and the finishing department.

Theresa manages the shipping department, completing all out-going shipping documents including customs and international requirements.

Finally, Ruby's daily role in managing the accounting, financial and legal matters for the business.

Although the father, Bill Lynskey passed in 1998, he is still very much a part of the Lynskey brand with his signature appearing on the head badge. Also featured on the badge is a shamrock for the Lynskey's Irish name, and a tethered hunting hawk for the Thompson family crest, which refers to their mother's maiden name and British heritage.

To all of you, from all of us at Lynskey Performance - Thank you!