A custom bike can be many things. It can be the ultimate race machine for the elite professional, it can be the perfect fit for the rider with unique anatomic needs, or it can be a one of a kind creation simply because that’s what you want.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a custom bike you can rest assured that a Lynskey custom will be your “perfect” bike. For over 30 years the Lynskey family has been creating custom bikes for the elite professional and amateur enthusiast. Our custom designs have won World Championships in practically every aspect of competition where a bicycle is used.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that when it comes to buying a high end custom bicycle there is the risk of your bike not living up to your expectations. To give you comfort in this area we have something very unique to the bicycle industry….a Complete Satisfaction Policy. If you are not happy with your bike we’ll take care of you.

Our custom program is tailored a little different in that we offer 2 styles of customization.

Houseblend Custom

When one of our standard frame models satisfies your riding style and type of performance and all you need is a custom geometry or simple upgrades such as fender and rack mounts our Houseblend custom program is perfect for you. Simply contact us and we’ll help walk you through the process. The typical upcharge for a custom houseblend geometry is $1000.00 USD added to the base price of your chosen frame. Simple adders such as rack or fender mounts, chain hangers, additional water bottle mounts will be priced per request. Custom geometry means we basically need you to choose your own personal geometry chart. The same frame dimensions you see on our geo chart are what we need from you in order to match one of our models to your exact size needs.

Your time line consideration is always an important matter when placing a custom order. Our goal is, from the time we get final drawing approval on your project, to have your new custom built frame in your hands within 4 weeks. Order your bike and give us a week to get your drawing scheduled and in your email box for your review with your local fit expert. If somehow we missed something in your initial request and a re-draw is needed, we'll get that back in front of you quickly so that you can give final approval. Once that final drawing thumbs up has been given, we schedule your frame build in the production shop and within a month, you'll be riding.

Pro Build Custom

This program was designed for the person with the desire to build their frame from the ground up. Tell us what expectations you have and exactly what you want to achieve and we will make it happen. This program is very popular for cycling Professionals having a unique performance expectation, powerful riders requiring exceptional strength and stiffness (do you keep breaking frames?), and short or tall riders having significant fit and/or strength issues. You’ll have access to all our unique custom tube shaping and forming capabilities as we design your masterpiece. It all begins by contacting us and we’ll begin the process. The base price of a Pro Build custom frame is $5295.00 USD and can vary depending upon complexity of design, material choices, and finish options.

Lynskey R440 Build from Dan Henry on Vimeo.